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Race report: Georgia Veterans’ Triathlon 2010

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

South Georgia Track Club at Cordele, 2006

Allen and I had the pleasure of attending the Georgia Veterans’ Triathlon in Cordele, Georgia on August 14.  The race has always been a favorite of ours:  the venue is beautiful, the campground that we stay at is spacious, the race is well-run, and the opportunity for fun and fellowship with other triathletes is great. 

The race has also served, for a number of years, as the Season Championship for the South Georgia Track Club, a group of runners and triathletes from Coffee County and surrounding areas.  Allen and I are proud members. I was admitted to their ranks a few years ago, when I paid my annual dues with a case of Shiner Bock; I was (not surprisingly) warmly welcomed into the group.   

Although our running contingent is still going strong, our triathlete contingent has thinned over the past few years—although we have 6 (if my count is correct) Ironman triathletes in our group, which is an incredible number, considering the size of our communities.

As the sole female member of the Track Club in attendance, I tied up the Championship, and am now happy to designate myself the Female South Georgia Track Club Triathlon Champion.  Hey- with my level of fitness, I’ll take the title any way that I can get it.

Allen was planning a sweep of the Male Track Club Division but, unfortunately, two of our male Track Club friends showed up and dashed Allen’s hopes.  C’est la vie; C’est la guerre.

You can read my race report on my blog;  I will let Allen relay his own report, but I’ll let you know what it’s gonna say in advance:  good, but not fast enough for his standards—which, despite 6 Ironman finishes, innumerable other race finishes (around 60 career now) and age-group placings, is what I hear after every single race.