News and Events September 2010

It has been a very hectic summer over here at Smith Multisport Base Camp (otherwise known as The House in Waresboro).  Allen’s been getting ready for Silverman; he is heading into Black October, that insane month that precedes the November Ironman races.  He’s going at it hard; as a matter of fact, he’s heading up to Dahlonega, Georgia this afternoon to participate in the Six-Gap Century in the morning.  His ride report will follow on this blog when he recovers in a month or two….

Allen is well on his way to become a USAT Level 1 Coach.  He completed his coursework in New Orleans this month, and will be taking the certification exam soon.  He learned some fabulous stuff at the clinic that he’ll be passing on:  nutrition, sports psychology, periodization, among other things.

Allen and I participated in the Rock of the Marne Sprint Triathlon on September 19th.  I’ve posted my race report on my blog.

We’re looking forward to the 1st Annual Femme Pedale Bike Fix School this Tuesday- hope to see you there!

– Janna

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